Management Reporting consultancy services for businesses and not-for-profits

In ever changing and highly competitive marketplaces senior management teams need to have quick access to high quality performance information from across their organisations. This management reporting capability is critical to future success as it enables the management team to make decisions and respond quickly and correctly to changes within their operating environments and market places. Our Management Reporting consultants are experts in delivering in this area, having a broad spectrum of experience meaning that they are capable delivering a bespoke service to each and every client.


Why do management reports need to cover more than just financial performance?

Ultimately a large part of the management teams’ focus will be on financial performance, which is undeniably of central importance to any organisation. However financial success is the outcome rather than the driver of successful performance within organisations, and therefore the truly meaningful and strategically important factors that need to be consistently monitored, adjusted and refined are nearly all operational at root.


From measuring labour efficiency, to tracking customer complaints or staff turnover there are many factors beyond the financial data that affect an organisations performance. As such the setting up and maintenance of robust and relevant KPIs is clearly a central requirement for generating and delivering truly valuable management reporting.


How do our Management Reporting consultants provide long term value?

The information contained within a well structured management report needs to be clear, succinct and accurate. When working with clients in the development of a management reporting toolset our Management Reporting consultants place paramount importance on understanding what information is of most relevance to the different levels of management within the organisation both now and for the future. It is also critical to identify how best to make that information detailed enough to be generate useful insight whilst being succinct enough to be digestible and usable. This is a complex challenge and one that is never the same from one organisation to the next. As such it requires specific skill sets and experience, which is where our Management Report consultants can provide real value, getting clients up and running quickly and with the correct level of investment of time and budget.


What are the benefits of a strong management reporting function?

Our Management Reporting consultants understand the value of having access to timely and accurate operational data. When delivered correctly  it has a ripple effect across an organisation, enabling the senior management team to make better business decisions at an increased rate, and therefore building momentum and confidence across the rest of the workforce. This in turn builds stronger and healthier organisational cultures, fostering a more positive and effective management capability. This virtuous circle then in turn enables the leadership team to harness and focus the organisations efforts in areas of the business that can deliver true gains in performance both operational and financial.


By being able to identify operational inefficiencies and then being able to manage resource allocation accordingly, organisations can dramatically alter their effectiveness seemingly by use of intuition alone. This is the true value of a high quality management reporting function and is a key goal of our Management Reporting consultants. By building mechanisms to gain insight over time the appearance of “intuition” to external observers is in fact the outcome of an earlier wise and substantial investment in the collection of data and the mechanisms to turn this into information and insight.


From the identification of the correct KPIs to the development of a range of relevant report formats for the different internal audiences within an organisation, implementing an effective management reporting system requires skill, experience and time to establish and maintain. Our Management Reporting consultants are experts in this area having a wealth of related knowledge around KPI design and implementation, data analysis and visualisation, training and culture change, and wider business processes and concerns.


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