System Integration

Are you making the most of your information systems?​

One of the greatest challenges of long standing organisations is the integration of their legacy systems. Many organisations today have a number of disparate systems, each providing a useful function.  Billing systems, CRMs, databases and digital platforms can function independently, but only when you link them together can you really unleash the power of your data and streamline processes. That’s where we come in. ​


Integrating systems for streamlined performance​

Our system integration experts have over 17 years of experience in integrating bespoke systems within a variety of sectors.  The process begins by assessing your current situation and conducting a full analysis.  We then provide our recommendation for the best way to integrate your systems, including any changes or replacements that need to be made.  We accompany this with a detailed workflow and timetable.  We then work closely with your IT team and 3rd party suppliers to implement the solution agreed upon, while ensuring a smooth process with limited friction and no down time.  We are always on hand to provide support and training after the integration has been complete.  We can make recommendations and give advice how best to utilise your newly connected systems to help you achieve your organisation’s goals.​


Harnessing technology for growth​

Once your systems are fully integrated, you can deploy a variety of new functions and release new functionality within your website or other digital platforms.  For example:​

  • Allow users to register online and make a payment​
  • Allow logged-in members to update information and profiles online, sync updated data with your CRM​
  • Enable online purchases and store all data in your database​
  • Streamline for automation of processes such as renewal reminders, marketing automation tools and more​
  • Save your internal team valuable time and allow your users to self-service at any time, from any device​


To find out more about how our IT experts can help you integrate your systems and make the most of your digital platforms and technology, email us at, use the form opposite or call us on 020 8747 8765.​


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