ERP consultants

Well implemented Enterprise Resource Planning software (ERP) is essential if an organisation is seeking to drive business performance improvements across its workforce. To ensure that modern information technology can drive performance improvements it is vital that organisations commit to selecting the correct ERP infrastructure.


ERP selection, implementation, customisation and maintenance

Selecting and implementing a new ERP solution is one of most labour-intensive processes that an organisation will undertake. The entire organisational infrastructure should be audited and analysed, with processes and systems expertly reviewed to ensure the complex matrix of decisions throughout the selection and subsequent implementation process can be effectively navigated. With our ERP consultants on board much of this effort can be carried out by our experts allowing our clients’ teams to focus on business-as-usual activities, whilst also gearing up for any potential changes within their departments and across their organisation.


The correct selection process is vital to laying the foundations for an effective implementation phase. To ensure software and infrastructure investments are delivering true value our ERP consultants work with our clients to ensure KPIs have been correctly identified and are then tracked throughout the lifetime of the implementation. Our ERP consultants will also be on hand throughout the implementation and the following phases, bedding in changes with client teams to facilitate the new systems uptake.


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